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Such A Strange World We Live In

I dont remember falling asleep last night, and i don’t remember getting on my laptop to look up WTF Fun Facts on weheartit.



you are just so gorgeous

if I was half as beautiful as you, I’d be set

You’re already 3 times more beautiful than me





the southern US genuinely scares me like my map of ‘states i will willingly go to for college’ looks more or less like


if you’re coming to the us this is a good travel guide fyi <3

thats pretty ignorant tbh 

so are the racist and prejudiced people who live in those areas


I want a relationship that’s just like super cool friendship with like kissing

Kal all the way, minus the kissing bc we have yet to do that 

you are just so gorgeous


this is so cute

He grabbed my hands
And pulled me close.
He wrapped his arms
Around my back.
He put his head
In the crook of my neck.
And whispered
‘Never let me go’
But I did let go
To look into his blue eyes.
And then hugged him tighter.
‘But I want to see your beautiful eyes,
your gorgeous smile’
He laughed, and said
‘You’re funny when you’re tired,
My eyes are just a normal shade of blue,
and my smile is just like anyone else’s’
And I let go, to look into his eyes again.
‘It’s not the color of your eyes,
or the shape of your smile,
It’s how they look when you’re looking at me,
so full of life,
reflecting the feelings i have for you.’
And he grinned,
Grabbed my waist,
And whispered into my hair,
‘You’re mine,
And I smirked,
‘Forever and ever’ —(via july-third-fireworks)
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