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Dark Abyss.

At lunch today it was just me, Yaleaha, Kevin and Brynne right? 

So instead of just sitting there holding hands (and watching my old friend flirt) w/my boyfriend  (as everyone calls him but we’re not dating yet, but hell we already are in my dad’s eyes), even though he obviously couldn’t care less about her, I actually got the chance to lay my head on him and just be cute with him in general

I never suspected you of being a pervert
I’ve come across some weird people who’ve sent me some weird stuff on here, and this is no where near perverted
messages will never piss me off, as long as they’re not rude
if they are, then i will either ignore it or call you out on being ignorant
Yes, they will never change what the bullies brainwashed me into believing, but they do make my hour/day/week
I really appreciate you telling me something so nice
you don’t need to be sorry at all

thank you
There was a bat in the school today

I tried to scroll past this. I really did.
my friend and I talking about her telling all my friends at the picnic about my anxiety & she's acting all bitchy about it
  • me: besides you telling kevin about my anxiety it was fun
  • Her: I'm sorry but he kinda needs to know
  • Me: Ik but you didn't have to let Tori or Yaleaha know? i could have told him
  • Her: okay
  • Me: i mean i appreciate it and all & i trust him completely but it is personal
  • Her: mhm I know
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